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Kids Europe
Rome Was Built for Kids
Discover Italy Newsletter
Rome is a wonderland for kids. It would take years, a lifetime, to do and see all the things that Rome offers. So, here are just a few ideas. We start with the top ten and move on to some unusual sites that will intrigue kids and make your visit very special.

Help yourself to our suggestions from the Italy Discovery Journal where you will find many more.

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P L Byrne


Rome's Top Ten
It is hard to claim you have been to Rome if you haven't seen at least some of the top ten sights! Here is a website of a Rome enthusiast with his personal top ten together with some great travel ideas and information.

I agree with all of his suggestions, even down to putting the Roman Forum low on the list. You need to have paid attention to some history and to have a good imagination to truly enjoy the Forum.

I also agree that the Sistine chapel is a wonder, but the effort of standing in line and working your way to the chapel through miles of corridors filled with overwhelming art and ranks of Roman busts (sculptures of heads) is tiring, especially for kids. I suggest hiring a private guide to be whisked past the lines and right to what you want to see.

Keep reading to see my list of some top sights for children visiting Rome.

  • Top Ten Guide to Rome
  •   Rome's Top Sights Just for Kids

        Wierd and Wonderful

    Here are some sights that may not be in most top ten lists but they are interesting to us and maybe to your family. I don't know why it tends towards the gruesome, but so it does. These are taken from the Italy Discovery Journal.

    The Little House of the Monsters - stand at the top of the Spanish Steps, face down the steps, turn left down Via Gregoriana. Keep looking at buildings on your left for a really wild building!

    The Church of the Bones - Santa Maria della Concezione is at the bottom of the Via Veneto, near Piazza Barberini. The crypt of the church is decorated with the bones of the monks. Check hours. Closed for cleaning till some time in 2005.

    Getting Inside St. Peters - We suggest spending a little time outside the entrance to St. Peters, watching people who aren't wearing enough clothes according to the church rules a) try to argue themselves in (the guards have heard it all), and b) try to get themselves dressed to get in. 

    Elephant Obelisk - The elephant's rear end is aimed at the home of the sculptor's enemy for a reason! Also, it is simply a beautiful elephant and obelisk.

    Celimontana Obelisk - The hands of one of the workers who was helping position the obelisk are still under the monument, due to an accident when it was being raised.

    Sundial Obelisk - Okay, I'm crazy for obelisks, a very worthwhile "collection" in Rome where there are more obelisks than anywhere else in the world. A hole in the ball at the top of the obelisk casts a light onto marks in the pavement.

    Tartuffo Ice Cream - Tre Scalini restaurant in Piazza Navona.

    Capitoline Hill and Museums - A great piazza by Michelangelo and two small museums (compared to most) that can be easily perused even by antsy kids. They contain: the statue of the symbol of Rome, the wolf, with a very interesting story; pieces of a colossus, the hand is taller than you and many great statues to imitate. In the piazza: the beautiful bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius, Castor & Pollux statues with wierd hats (learn the story), steps to clamber on, bridal parties posing for wedding pictures because of the great view that you, too, can enjoy.

       Italy Discovery Journal

        A Guide Book for Families

    On to shameless promotion. Here is a note I recently received from a young customer named Alana:

    Thanks for the deck of cards you sent to me and my sister! Whats cool about them is we now know where all the places and sites are! [Souvenir Cards of Italy bottom of page] We LOVED that journal. It was really great. I would work in it everyday and Jara would help me. Shes 6 and still doesnt read that well so it was a joint work sometimes. We all really want to go back! We were talking to my grandparents about doing a house trade with someone in Italy, but we can't do it next summer because we already have our plans...WEll thanks alot! I need to leave for school now."

    Get your own copy of the Italy Discovery Journal, price starts at $6.99.

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